Tuesday, March 05, 2019

curved planes

Yesterday was a snow day in Eureka Springs with school cancelled due to icy road conditions.

I was able to give some time to table design as it was also too cold to be in the shop where I need to be making boxes. In a few back and forth emails with my customers and some time on sketchup, we came up with this drawing to illustrate the concept.

The rectangles on top are to illustrate approximate seating positions. The table top is natural edged, so will be far more dramatic in real life than the chunk of wood shown in the drawing.

The base will be made of staves, coopered to shape in a manner similar to making a barrel. Making it will offer some technical challenges in the crafting and assembly. After assembly, the sections will be textured and ebonized, creating a strong contrast between the walnut floor in the dining room and the silver maple top. The sections of the base are placed so as to not interfere with the placement of feet as friends gather around what will be a lovely table.

Make, fix, and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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