Wednesday, June 20, 2018

make some calls.

My wife and I went to Springdale, Arkansas last night to participate in a rally against the policy set by the Trump administration to remove children and infants from the care of their mothers and place them in internment camps and isolation facilities while their mothers and fathers are being deported at a wholesale pace.

I find it difficult to write about my usual subject, hands-on learning, when our own nation is purposely engaged in such outrageous behavior.

This is not time for business as usual. I made calls yesterday to our elected representatives. I will do the same today. Yes, I will also spend time preparing for next week's classes. Yes, I will also attend a board meeting for ESSA and a development meeting for the Clear Spring School. I will do so with a feeling that the nation we love and that we have been proud of is being stolen from us, by an egotistic thug and his evil minions.

I feel a deep sense of grief.

Many years ago when I worked at the Porter-Leath Children's Center in Memphis, it provided medical care to children brought in by their young mothers. I have strong memories of that time. I was interested in photography and would take photos of children and mothers that I would then put on a bulletin board for them to enjoy when they next came in. It was an opportunity for me to observe and record what so many others have done before, the deep bond between mother and child.  That bond is a human bond. It is the human glue that holds us together in caring families, communities and as a nation. It is greater than any false distinctions politicians might contrive.

We have leaders who have established a national policy that is tearing at that bond. That policy has set us apart from other nations, and we should feel great shame for allowing it.

Join me in making calls to your local representatives.

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