Sunday, June 10, 2018

lathe dust collector

I have simple invention that I made for the lathe, that allows a standard shop vac to be used to remove sanding dust.

There are two critical factors in dust collection. One is the volume of air passing through the space in which the dust s being generated. The other is the proximity and efficiency of the collection device. You can have a very large machine pulling huge amounts of air and still miss the pickup of airborne particles that create havoc and health risk in the shop. You can test this with your home vacuum cleaner by trying to pick something up that is inches away. Even a much more powerful vacuum will have the same difficulties.

I  made these simple vacuum devices for the lathes at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. Taking the place of the tool rest during sanding it can be set close to the source and thus be more effective than large dust collectors.  It mounts to the lathe with a simple cylinder turned on one end to fit the post hole for the tool rest. I used a circle cutter to cut the hole for the vacuum tool to fit, attached it to the post with glue and staples and the vacuum tool simply fits in one side and the vacuum hose into the tool from the other. The vacuum cleaner tool can be turned in the holder to the angle you desire. The post to which it is attached and mounted in the banjo, can be raised, lowered or turned for maximum effect, thus tuned in to get closer to the source of dust than a standard dust collector.

I had considered a much more complex and powerful dust collection system for the lathe room. Perhaps there is merit in a simpler approach, and the simplicity of this device may be useful to other woodturners.

I have submitted this as a tip to American Woodturner Magazine. As with many of my ideas, they seem so simple to me that it seems likely that they are no big deal at all, and have likely been discovered and invented by others before me. I have learned, however, that is not often the case. And this, like most of the things I invent, you can make yourself.

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood that others learn lifewise.

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