Sunday, June 24, 2018

a very simple forge

Blacksmith Bob Patrick sent me a video on making a simple forge with four firebricks in five minutes. He notes that the hardware we made for our Viking Chests could have been made in such a simple forge. Under most circumstances, it makes sense to simplify. Other simple forges are also shown on youtube.

I continue to prepare for my 5 day box making class which starts tomorrow.  The illustration is from Orbis Pictus by Comenius, showing the box maker and wood turner in their shops.

Orbis Pictus published in 1658 is considered the first illustrated children's book and contains over a hundred illustrations showing common scenes and activities of the times. Items in the illustrations were numbered with descriptions in both Latin and the child's native language. Scrinarius is Latin for carpenter, and if you can make a box, you can make nearly anything from wood.

Comenius described the carpenter's work  as follows: (He) smootheth hewen Boards, 2. with a Plain, 3. upon a work-board, 4. he maketh them very smooth with a little-plain, 5. he boreth them thorow with an Augre, 6. carveth them with a Knife, 7. fasteneth them together with Glew and Cramp-irons, 8. and maketh Tables, 9. Boards, 10. Chests.

This week in box making our equipment will be more diverse and efficient, but the work will be to the same general effect.

Make, fix, create and assist others in learning likewise.

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