Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Today, after class with my first through 3rd grade students, I head for Hot Springs to give a presentation to the Hot Springs Village woodworking club.

This weekend Steve Palmer is teaching basic woodworking at ESSA and there are still openings in the class. To sign up you can go online, or just call 479-981-1416. The class size is small, and safe operation of various power tools is a focus of the class. A beginning woodworker can take this 3 day class (starting Friday) and go home with lovely useful things he or she has made along with new skill and greater confidence. Your participation will support the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

The photo shows wooden wheels, some of which I bought in bulk online, and one that is shop made from stock acquired free from a handle factory. I have made thousands of the shop made wheels over the years. They are less than perfect, but give a distinctly hand-crafted character to the toys my students have made.  The manufactured wheels cost about a dime apiece from

After I've cut the wheels to thickness from round stock, my students at all ages can drill the axle holes themselves using a drill press. We use a lathe chuck mounted on the drill press table to drill at the centers of the wheel, but I'm also working on a self-centering marker for finding the centers of wheel blanks that will allow students, parents, grandparents, and teachers to make wheels from round stock.

Make, fix, create, and encourage others to learn lifewise.

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