Thursday, April 12, 2018

cat and toys...

I introduced another unit in making superhero because we have new students who had not done it yet.  That was fine with my students who  had done them before. They had plenty of other work to do, including cats. The toys made by first grade students are joyfully expressive.

I did a presentation for the Hot Springs Village Woodworking Club last night and will be on my way home to Eureka Springs this morning.

It was interesting last night, talking with the director of the wood shop from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. For those students who grew up with digital devices, many lack basic skills in the use of scissors, hammers and saws. And so things that we might think simple and easy, are not as simple and easy as they once were, and it is a mistake to expect basic skills to be present in students as old as college age.

So, this brings use to woodworking in elementary school. It is important that children's creative capacity of mind is reinforced by creativity in hand. Unattended, both can be lost.

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood that others learn likewise.

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