Tuesday, December 19, 2017

my new book.

Yesterday I received a box of books from Springhouse Press with first copies of my new book The Box Maker's Guitar Book. It is a lovely book that I hope will inspire many makers of box guitars. I want to thank my publishers for the opportunity to write this book, and thank the editors, artists and photographer who helped in its creation. A good book is always a team effort. Knowing how to get along with others and work with others is one of the most important skills we have as human beings, and one of the particular skills we should emphasize in schooling.

Team athletics can help, as can building projects, as can instrumental music and choir. Woodshop, too, is a team effort. And while interpersonal skills are rarely considered in standardized tests, their development should take the lead in all things. Teachers, too, should be led toward collaboration and teamwork. In fact, we would be a more cooperative and compassionate nation if we placed less emphasis on individuality and more on community. We would be a happier nation if we were to do so.

I get regular messages from beginning box makers, concerned that my box making videos are no longer available on youtube.com.  My carefully crafted videos had been put on youtube illegally to gain advertising revenue for pirates in violation of my rights and the rights of their producer Taunton Press. So while I apologize for the inconvenience, there are other ways to gain legitimate access to the information. The videos can be accessed through membership in the FineWoodworking website , or downloaded for a small fee from Taunton.com

Taunton Press is having a Christmas sale. Customers can use the code Gift20 to get 20% off on all orders. This is a great chance to save on my books and books by other great authors! In addition they are offering a special package deal on my book Basic Box Making and the related DVD for a special price of $23.94. Use the discount code of Gift20 for an even greater holiday savings.

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