Saturday, December 02, 2017

an explanation of the relationship, wood shop and Kindergarten

Scott Bultman alerted me to an old book about woodworking and Kindergarten for sale in the UK. I have ordered it to add to my collection of early woodworking books and you can read it free online here:;view=1up;seq=4
It is claimed that the correlation, connectedness, and continuity... materially adds to the educative value of this scheme of simple woodwork; for by its aid the necessity of absolute truthfulness and accuracy in definition is most strongly emphasized: it tends to creativeness; it stimulates latent inventive faculties, quickens perception, guides and directs on correct lines the natural impulses of child nature; and, whilst demanding close attention to and Observation of detail, it trains the little fingers to deftness and skill in execution without detracting in any way from the established methods of the greatest thinkers and exponents of educational reform.

The equipment necessary for each child is of a very simple character. involving small outlay in first cost and upkeep, and the work can readily be done by either girls or boys on the ordinary school desks. — Joseph Henry Judd
The book, "Learn By Doing" Simple Woodwork Designed on Froebelian Principles by Joseph Henry Judd is full of lessons, commentary and wonderful illustrations of tools and processes. The photograph above shows a technique familiar to my students at the Clear Spring School, using sandpaper on the bench to sand parts.

 My role in Scott's Kindergarten documentary project is to explain the interrelationship between the worldwide Kindergarten movement and the rise of manual arts training. This old book, when shared, will help to further an understanding of that relationship as does a journal published in the UK during the 1880's and 1890's called Hand & Eye. My new hand screw desk vise will make clear how woodworking can be done in any classroom equipped with tables or desks, thus removing one of the excuses that schools may have for not reintroducing woodworking to their students.

Please join Eleanor Lux and I at 18 White St. Eureka Springs, this evening from 4-8 PM for a show and sale of our work.

Make, fix, create, and make clear that others must join us in learning likewise

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