Sunday, August 06, 2017

admiration or contempt.

This video: shows how cut nails are made in an old machine kept running for generations. 

Nails were originally forged one at a time by blacksmiths and were precious. Old houses would be burned down just to reclaim them for reuse. Cut nails made by machines like this were the predecessors to the wire nails of today.

For years, Fine Woodworking and adherents to its philosophy have had the idea that ideal furniture contained neither nails nor screws. And yes, wonderful works can be done with fine cut joints alone. An article in Fine Woodworking online suggests that perhaps nails are not so bad after all. As some of the more difficult to master woodworking skills are neglected perhaps nails will get things going again.

I am packed and ready for my trip to Connecticut where I'll make boxes. As I return from making boxes, my attention will return to  the Clear the Clear Spring School and teaching wood shop grades 1-12. Children are actually emotional as well as cognitive beings they may be lured into learning by the things they want to accomplish. They can be forced to learn under great pressure, those things that they care nothing about. How about developing education that earns their admiration rather than their contempt?

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning likewise.

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