Monday, April 04, 2016

pigs for the third time.

We have had our third invasion of feral pigs, and the aftermath of having 10 or more large powerful rototillers go through is distressing to say the least. There seems to be no way to stop them as there are no natural predators and they reproduce at such a rate that 70% must be eliminated each year just to keep them in check.

We are positioned between Lake Leatherwood City Park where they have done enormous damage, and the city of Eureka Springs and so residents of that beautiful city should be warned. We are hoping to unite the city and county governments in taking aggressive action.

Most schooling, on the other hand, prepares students for complaisance.

I have been reading an article from the Christian Science Monitor (Feb. 15, 2016) on the Unschooling Movement. the idea is that students would learn better and at a deeper level by avoiding schools entirely. Here are a couple quotes, that I believe many of my readers would agree with:
"Educators still don't get this. They have bought into the idea that the only learning that matters is the learning they can grade in school."
"I honestly am more interested in whether my child is a good person—moral, kind, decent, all of those things—as opposed to 'can you read by age 6?'"
There is the this idea that schooling and then college will automatically lead to good jobs and good salaries, but if schooling does not lead to the development of individualized initiative, how does that work? If you look at the current situation with so many students burdened by debt and no jobs to show for their efforts, what can we learn from that? The answer may be to allow students to engage in the real world and do real things.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the opportunity to learn likewise.

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