Sunday, April 17, 2016

clutter eradication day 2

I have been going through the shop, finish room and office moving things into better places, and then delivering work that should be sold to make room for more. I've also set up my temporary photo booth so that I can take photos of boxes to sell on The tool cabinet I bought is helping to me to organize and put things away, and making room in other cabinets for further organization to take place. Just like when a check bounces at the bank, there are serial effects when something new is added in a woodshop.

My hope is that I can get the shop in good shape prior to a visit from an editor of Fine Woodworking who is tentatively coming in June to work on articles with me. I am also starting the book on box guitars and have gotten excited about the possibility of putting lids and doors on them to make them more box like. Why not?

The boxes above are the prototypes for my 2 day box class in Portland last month, and I plan to either sell these or use them in an auction to raise money for charity.

I got a copy of Hans Børli's book, We Own the Forests, that has side-by-side translation from Norwegian. Børli was a lumberjack and poet as I mentioned in an earlier post. His situation helps inform us of the correct relationship between hand and mind. It illustrates that even though or more certainly because one is not ensconced in an ivory tower, his or her intelligence may be in full flower.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the love of learning likewise.

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