Wednesday, June 24, 2015

this day...

This is day 3 of box making at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, so I have several demonstrations planned. Several of my students have come with specific goals to accomplish, and some are wrestling with high expectations in their own work. I remind, and must remind that growth and creativity always involves
risk, error,  and discovery, and that an attitude of self-forgiveness is essential to steady progress.

Yesterday, I demonstrated installing miter keys in miter joints, how to make a router jig for oversized finger joints, how to cut the lid from the base of a box, and a variety of smaller tasks.

Today I will demonstrate some additional joints and how to make wooden hinges. We will also begin the process of making inlay. My students are all exercising their own creativity. In some classes, students make things according to their teacher's design. In this class students simply work to meet their own aspirations.

Make, fix and create...

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