Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Early Childhood Education, now referred to by the acronym ECE was first invented by Friedrich Froebel who having lost his own mother at an early age observed the relationship between mothers and their children, noting in fact that the games that German mothers played with their children were educational. From that particular insight, Froebel invented Kindergarten. He was among the first to recognize the role of mothers in education, but also that it would best begin while the child was still in the mother's arms.

Here are three books that might be of interest to those who are beginning to understand that schooling, and particularly early schooling, should be more than reading and standardized tests.

Squandering America's Future Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children Susan Ochshorn
"This remarkable book manages to pinpoint the critical issues in the care and education of young children with up-to-date research, and all of this in a pleasurable and lively style. This needs to be read widely, and right away." -  Deborah Meier

What If Everybody Understood Child Development? Straight Talk About Bettering Education and Children's Lives  -Rae Pica
"Rae Pica understands children.  With her wisdom and insight, she helps us know how to do right by kids in a world full of conflicting pressures.  Thank you, Rae, for this valuable book.  We need it now more than ever!" - Nancy Carlsson-Paige

The Emotional Lives of Animals & Children-Bill Crain
"In today's world, it is easy for us to forget how important contact with nature is for children's emotional and spiritual development. This profound and beautiful book reminds us and shows how contact with animals can foster children's compassion and enlarge their humanity." - John Robbins 
In the wood shop, I've been working to finish chapter 4 of the book on tiny boxes and playing with a bit of inlay for chapter 5, as shown above.

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