Thursday, June 04, 2015

Making Froebel's Gifts...

This must be a busy week for publishers as I have two books newly listed on Amazon. Neither is actually ready for release, but publishers are wanting the industry to know what's coming down the pike. For instance, the book shown at left is my book I've been calling "Making Froebel's Gifts." I've known that with Froebel no longer being the household name it once was, a fresh title would be worked out, and this seems to be it: "Toys for Hands-on Learning".

The other book is a compilation of my first two box making books, and will be published by Popular Woodworking Books. The working cover  of Build Beautiful Boxes: 25 Custom Designs has a serious typo on it and will be corrected by the publisher.

On the subject of Kindergarten, readers still have 15 days to support to Scott Bultman's film project on the Kindergarten revolution that I hope to see return to American education. You can support it on the kickstarter site here, as I did.

Make, fix and create...

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