Tuesday, February 10, 2015

technological personality disorder...

Yesterday I practiced with the 3D printer at school in an attempt to understand its limitations and potentials as a teaching tool. I also set to work making two shaving horses, and exploring simple ways to make block knives. So you can see I'm headed two directions at the same time, into the future but reaching back for a firm grip on the past. The block knife shown above is particularly intriguing. It is made from a stump, a wooden yoke, a bolt, a stick and a gouge.

It is a tool from Bill Coperthwaite's tool  shed, and is a thing you can make yourself.

Today in wood shop, my elementary school students will be working on their tool boxes. My middle school students are working on a variety of individual projects.

My second iteration of the hinge gauge is shown at left, and I've arrived at the conclusion that it can be made more effectively from real wood.

Make, fix and create...

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