Wednesday, February 25, 2015

shaving horses and tool boxes

My first and second grade students have nearly completed their tool boxes and are excited about them. The odd thing is that they aren't in a hurry to take them home yet, as they want to make tools to go inside them first. Does this express a new level of maturity? Normally they are in a very big rush to take their work home. I think I have some skilled artisans in the making.

Yesterday I also finished two John Alexander styled shaving horses to introduce at school.

Today I am in Little Rock for a hearing before the Arkansas Court of Appeals, over a power line case.

Power companies use "piecemealing" to divide large projects into digestible chunks as a way of forcing projects through the regulatory process that would not be swallowed by the public if they were allowed to see the whole project in its entirety. This case involves the first part of the project that would have come through my community, and that had been approved before the general public was allowed to see what they had planned for us. At this point, the utility AEP/SWEPCO has a working power line to nowhere that should never have been built. It's one that we had not known was headed our way, and that we become aware of too late to help stop.

Make, fix and create...

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