Thursday, February 12, 2015

shaving horses...

 I continued work on my shaving horses yesterday and worked out an interesting way to direct the drill at the right angle for drilling holes for the tapered legs to fit. First make a "v" block, by removing a 45 degree channel from the center of a 2 x 4. Then make an angle cut (1 to 3 ratio) across it to form a guide block.Then mount that to what remains of the block. I used air nails to connect the two parts. Simple geometry drawn on the top of the bench guides the alignment of the jig.

After drilling, I used a taper to ream out the holes for tapered legs to fit.

The legs have a lathe turned taper at the top, to fit the tapered sockets. The bench is assembled without glue, so the legs could be popped from their sockets. Even with the jig, however, my holes in the top were not identical, and the legs are not interchangeable in where they fit. I'll have to mark and number them when they are put away.

My shaving horses are inspired by John Alexander's plans.
I still need to make the frame that you push with your feet to clamp the stock, and the adjustable work support.

These have bee on my list to make for a long time, so it will be good to finish this week.

On the 3-D printing front, I've had prints messed up by what may be loose screws on the print head. Members of eNable helped me to identify the problem. Once I tighten a few screws and until something like this happens again, the machine can go back to attention free fabrication.

Make, fix and create...

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