Monday, July 29, 2013

simple carving...

Simple carving is a way to make a box more interesting by adding texture, line,  and visual illusion. It also lends the perception someone had invested original craftsmanship in its making even when quickly done. It is always more interesting to see tool markings, as evidence of human engagement and attention, that to see flawless surfaces that one would associate with machines.

I am working on a carved jewelry box as an alternative in chapter 5 and you can see the progress in the photo above. I began the layout this morning using a small dogwood flower template cut from paper. Then I sketched in branches and leaves, having some of them escaping the border for added visual illusion (effective surprise.) I next carve and carve, removing the background in shallow scoops with the gouge. I use a small straight chisle to cut the outlines around each element.

Not bad for an afternoon's labors. I'll add details and finish the carving in the morning when my hands are less tired. You can see that the carving had to be done after the lid was sawn from the body of the box, so that the pattern will climb up the front of the box undisturbed.

Make, fix and create.

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