Tuesday, July 16, 2013

public awakening...

Yesterday's public hearing on the Shipes Road to Kings River 345 kV powerline proposal by SWEPCO that could destroy my back yard was an amazing event. The turnout of the common folks of Eureka Springs was huge. Almost 120 people gave comments stretching beyond the 3 minutes allowed each. The judge was courteous to all and could not have helped being blown away by the sincerity, passion and eloquence of some of the comments.

The SWEPCO attorney had attempted to persuade the judge to deny my first amendment rights to speak and fortunately the judge did allow me to read my remarks into the public record of the hearing.

I know that many of my readers do not live in communities like this one, and I know that some do. In any case there are some similarities among communities where folks live with passion for the quality of their lives and are willing to rise up against powerful corporations to protect it. A sense for beauty and form can come from the engagement in art and and in music, that reshapes the human soul toward the elimination of stupidity.

I want to thank all of those who turned out and expressed themselves. When the judge got to 9 PM last night with a list of over 100 folks still waiting their turn to speak their minds and their hearts, the decision was made that the hearing continue this morning and proceed until all voices are heard, if that can be accomplished before 9 PM tonight.

For those readers who do not live in this kind of community, I can give a few tips on how to create one, but I cannot do so without talking about beauty and the arts.

Make, fix and create...

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