Monday, July 08, 2013

Day one of ESSA box making...

This was my first day of a 5 day box making class at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, that I'm teaching in my Clear Spring School wood shop. In this class, I only have 4 students and have asked my apprentice Greg to be my assistant for the week. Having such a small class allows me to be more flexible and directly responsive to student needs.That can be a mixed blessing. In some ways, I can make things easier for the students, but is that always such a good idea?

Merph's box made of white oak and sycamore.
The following is from Salomon's Teacher's Hand-Book of Educational Slöjd:
"It is an essential condition of any method of instruction in educational slöjd, that the work of the pupils shall be independently and accurate executed, for only thus can habits of self-reliance, order and accuracy, so important in the formation of character, be developed.... the teacher's art in educational sloöjd consists essentially in being passive and unobtrusive as possible, while the pupil is actively exercising both head and hand."

Make, fix and create...

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