Tuesday, October 16, 2012

today in the wood shop...

Today I am getting ready to package the lids for 300 boxes so I can send them off for laser engraving. They each have their first coat of Danish oil finish. I still have nearly 100 box bases to make and finish. When the lids are returned, the bases and lids will be put together, the boxes lined, and a final coat of finish applied.

Yesterday in the Clear Spring School wood shop, students began making the necks for their guitars, so there was a lot of imaginary fingering of cords and strumming taking place as students began actually sensing how their real guitars will feel in their hands. The 4th, 5th and 6th grade students cut out maps of Pangea, so they were not only developing skill on the scroll saw (close attention is required), but they were also learning the continents and how to spell the continents and beginning to understand continental drift. Their Pangea puzzles will fit in folders that will keep them as souvenirs of learning, and also provide a place for keeping additional materials.

Randall Henson reported on his weekend class with Bill Coperthwaite.
"I finished a tool making and carving workshop with Bill Coperthwaite and Taz Squire over this past weekend. The workshop was held at the Center for Whole Communities in Fayston VT. Over the weekend we made single bevel hatchets, crooked knives, straight knives, work benches and had time to carve a few spoons and bowls too. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time working with Bill discussing tool design and techniques. Bill even showed me an old Finnish technique of knitting called Nalbinding."
Regular readers will recognize Bill Coperthwaite and his work with tools from my visit last summer at his home in Maine. Use the search function at the upper left hand corner of the blog to join me on a visit will Bill. Type in "Coperthwaite," and read deep.

Make, fix, and create...

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