Wednesday, October 10, 2012


While we are making cigar box guitars with the Clear Spring School high school students, I need to share the work of my friend Zeke. Salt City Found Object Instrument Works. Zeke's instruments are fun, fanciful, and freely shared as he performs with each on his blog at completion.

Zeke's guitars, ukeleles, and assorted instruments are far more imaginative than ours, and it would have been fun to have had Zeke come in and teach a class. Hopefully, the first guitars made at Clear Spring School will help launch some new models.

Many of the most creative  things are easiest to teach one-on-one, like the guitar shown above made by an 11 year old in Zeke's shop. The guitar shown below is autographed by famous folk musician and environmental advocate Pete Seeger.

Make, fix and create... 

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