Saturday, October 13, 2012

first to fall....

Today, hickory leaves seem to be the first fallen on my deck and in my yard. With just a touch of irony or coincidence, the box I made during the FW photo shoot was made of spalted hickory and the leaves of the hinges almost resemble the shape of hickory leaves. If only I'd made that connection earlier, I'd have been able to make the resemblance between leaves and leaves even more complete.

Sunday October 14, Paul Leopoulos, of the Thea Foundation will help me to get the folks of Eureka Springs to understand the value of the arts in education. It will likely be a long struggle, as getting real change to penetrate the institution of public education  will likely face resistance.

Richard Burman asked me to ask you, dear readers, to vote for his documentary film project on the maker culture currently in competition in the Cuban Hat Contest.  His proposal called "the creative touch" is shown below and the winners receive financial support for the making. The projects with the most votes win, and so your vote may be the one that puts the hands over the top. You will need only provide your name and email address in order to vote.

make, fix,  and create.

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