Friday, August 12, 2011

Day five

This is day 5 of box making at Marc Adams School. Many of my students will be joining me tomorrow for an additional class on designing interior spaces within boxes, making trays, dividers and drawers. Some of my students say they are already planning to be in next year's class. I am honored by their attention, their interest in my work, and by their creative efforts in their own.

Today we will finish making inlay, attend to details, clean up, and either go our separate ways, or prepare for tomorrow's class. Later in the day, I will share photos of boxes finished by the class.

Being in a motel room at night, I see more of the national news than usual. Talking heads all seem to be distorted in view. One would hope for more common sense. And it becomes distressing. We have a term for it, being "out of touch."

I, too, will be out of touch, away from the blog, as I teach tomorrow and then hit the road for Arkansas. You can see my students and their work in the photo below. The boxes shown are not all that were made, just the ones students thought were ready to show. If there is not enough here to read for the next few days as I teach and travel, use the search function at the top of the page, type in Sloyd and read from the start. Or better yet,

Make, fix and create...

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