Sunday, October 24, 2010

working on a first post

I am starting work on a new blog for the new Fine Woodworking website, Start which will migrate to its new formal address with a launch date of November 16. Happy late birthday to me. The idea is that I will write a couple posts each month along with other contributors, all with the purpose of creating new enthusiasm for younger readers.

It is somewhat difficult to consolidate my opening thoughts. In the meantime, I am making progress in my use of google sketch-up software in illustrating work. If I can get good at it, it should allow me to more quickly illustrate project designs.

An article from the Washington Post describes an alarming decline in the number of young men finishing college. That should not surprise anyone who has been paying attention. As we have made schooling less hands-on, there is far less in school to engage the interests and attentions of young men. That can be noted across the board, from elementary school, through university education. If the hands are not engaged in learning, neither will the heart be.

Today in the wood shop, I've been making parts for doors. I use a sled and stop block to make certain that each part is cut to the exact length required.

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