Wednesday, October 27, 2010

today at CSS wood shop

Today in the CSS wood shop, the first, second and third grade students made boxes to hold "math facts", which are small cards upon which are written the things that kids need to learn to use math. Teacher, Miss Jenny, asked if we could make boxes that would last the three years children are in her class and that would be used to hold their growing collections of math facts. My own prototype math facts box is shown in the photo at left.

The kids were disappointed at the project. They wanted a free day or creative day to do what ever they wanted instead. Then when the boxes were finished they wanted to take them home, rather than be required to keep them in school.  Joe said, "I want to give this to my mom!" Sorry Joe, one of the things you learn in school is that you may not get everything you want. In the meantime, we had a writer and photographer from the Democrat-Gazette visiting at Clear Spring School and in the wood shop today, which brought a whole new level of complication. Their finished boxes were brightly colored and more distinctive than my own, so they will be easily recognized in the classroom.

The hands are the holographic expression of the full  range of human physical, emotional, and intellectual reality. Or you could state that the full physical, emotional and intellectual reality of man is the holographic expression of the hands. If you have hands, through which to express, it is a toss up. I tinker, therefore I am.

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