Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today I took the SuperSeaCat ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. I was told that it might be a rough ride due to sea conditions, but at least the trip wasn't canceled. I should note that going to Tallinn for a day is roughly equivalent to trying to see the Louvre in 3 minutes or less. When I arrived in the park across the street from the Ferry terminal, I found myself in a ceremony complete with brass band.
Today, September 28, 2008 is the 14th anniversary of the sinking of the Baltic ferry MS Estonia taking 852 lives.The photos below are of a news crew interviewing family members at a memorial site shown in the next photo. I spent almost all my time in the old walled city of Tallinn, and particularly enjoyed the Estonian Maritime Museum located in an old circular walled fort. It was full of hand crafted displays, and I took a number of photos before I was told they weren't permitted. I have way too many photos from my very brief Estonian sojourn to share, so you will have to take my word in their place. The old city is filled with interesting craft stores and small museums, and if you plan to visit Tallinn, plan for much more than the single day I had available.

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