Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I am nearly finished with another rustic project using a wide maple board and hickory saplings harvested in my woods. I used Veritas tenoners to tenon the ends to fit mortises. The curving line down the center of the table has practical as well as decorative purposes. By cutting the wide slab in two pieces, I was able to feed it though my 12 1/2 in. planer, and by attaching it in two parts, some of the expansion and contraction of the wood takes place towards the middle as well as the outside, thereby allowing the boards to be attached with screws near the center. A small crack in the maple top will be repaired with a hand hammered and shaped wire fastener. I am also making a variation of this table with a more conventional trestle base.

Today, because of more rain, the Clear Spring camping trip has been delayed and camping related activities will be held on campus. I am taking green basswood carving stock and sloyd knives to school this morning to provide a bit of rainy day activity. Photos will come later.


  1. Doug, did you build the pergola out of natural branches at the Crescent hotel? It's to the very rear of the garden, kind of off the beaten path. It resembles this bench or table (I cannot quite make out the scale of this piece to know which it is.)

  2. Dana, didn't make the pergola, but the tools for doing this kind of rustic work are becoming common and are fun to use. The piece shown is a coffee table.