Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finding Nääs... If you are interested in finding the home of Educational Sloyd and Otto Salomon's teacher training school. Use and fly to Floda, Lerum, Sweden. Floda is the nearest town. Move the page slightly to the east and you will see a lake and a narrow bridge connecting from one side of the lake to a large peninsula at the center. The word Nääs, rhyming with mess, means peninsula, and on the peninsula, you will see a group of buildings, consisting of the slott, or palace, a large barn and other smaller buildings of the palace compound. Now, move back to the west, and across the bridge, back toward Floda, you will see open green meadows, and a variety of large buildings. These were the school for Educational Sloyd.

I just finished the editing of an article that will come out in Woodwork magazine in the October issue and that will be available in August. The photo at the top is of the gymnasium. On, you will find it at 57° 48'56.94" N, 12° 23' 13.39" E

You will find the original Sloyd building shown below at 57° 48'59.39" N, 12° 23' 18.5" E By loading either of these locations in, you can fly there in moments.

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