Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am busy setting up for the White St. Art Walk tomorrow night. It is a fun event which I have missed two years in a row. I'll be set up with other artists to sell my work, and I hope to sell a lot of it, as my inventory of boxes has grown large. It was nice to have them available for the article in Fine Woodworking, but now it may be best if they find new homes.

For years I've been just a bit jealous of water color artists. They can take a paint set, pallet, brushes and paper, perhaps an easel, and paint anywhere. Now spoon carving is doing the same for me. I can take a piece of green wood, my crooked knife and a sloyd knife and work anywhere except on airlines. I leave shavings and sawdust wherever I go, so don't invite me to your living room. But come and join me on a back porch somewhere and I'll get you started on something that will take a lifetime to master, but will give creative pleasure right from the start.

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