Friday, November 30, 2007

Saturday, December 1 has been declared "Buy Local Day" in Eureka Springs. The idea is two-fold.

First, by buying locally made products, we reduce transportation costs and the severe impact of transportation on our environment. No long trips to the mall on Saturday! And no long trips of stuff from China or wherever in ships and trucks, bringing us bad with the goods.

The second part of the idea is that by buying locally, we keep wonderful creative capacity in our own community and encourage our neighbors both morally and economically in responsible and productive citizenship.

(Question! Would we rather have cities filled with pan-handlers or artisans? We get to choose.)

While it is unlikely that the world's citizenry will put aside its fascination with all that is new and different -- the exotic goods that comes from far away places -- it is good to open our eyes to home, its many pleasures and resources, and it is good to open our pockets to reward the creativity and responsibility of our neighbors.

I was invited to a dinner meeting last night of Leadership Arkansas. It is a great program sponsored by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, and the current leadership class was meeting in Eureka Springs to study the tourist business and its impact on the state. Last night I was honored when director/president Paul Harvel introduced me to the large audience and then presented eight of my small boxes to those who had worked hard to prepare for the conference here in Eureka Springs. Paul had told me some years ago of his loyalty to Arkansas, a thing expressed in word and deed through his commitment to the purchase and use of Arkansas products. My own craftsmanship and my own growth as an artist has been the result of support by Paul and others whose hearts have been wide open to the concept of buying local.

So, celebrate with us wherever you are tomorrow. Buy something or make something that means something. Open your eyes to the wonders of your own community.

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