Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I will probably be out of blog range for a few days. I leave tomorrow morning for my weekend of classes in Little Rock. One of the things I've done in preparation for my lecture at the Arkansas Arts Center is save the past 14 months of blog entries for review. I'll be cramming. The hands are hard to get a handle on... to get a grasp of the full significance of their engagement in human life. So to provide a simple overview of the Wisdom of the hands can be a monumental task. At best, I hope my talk will at least cause the audience to reflect on their own hands. Getting a grip on the hands is like turning a corner and finding a whole new city that has been there your whole life, but that you suddenly discover for the first time.

Check back. If you find nothing new, read some entries in the archive. If I have a chance, I'll make a post or two from Little Rock.

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