Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today in the woodshop, the 5th and 6th graders were finishing up two projects, fraction blocks and wooden pyramid boxes. Some were already done with both. When students miss school due to illness, or when some students work more slowly than others, there are times that we need something else to do as a filler that is also fun. Today I introduced paper sloyd. Even though paper sloyd was originally intended for even younger children, the method is fun and the students were allowed to advance at their own pace. There is an opportunity in it for precise workmanship, and to advance independently required the students to either read carefully or watch carefully what the other children were doing. The photo above is of Edna Anne Rich's book Paper Sloyd published in 1910, along with the Valentine I found inside and a paper sloyd project made in class. The students (and teacher) had so much fun that they want to do the same thing next week. Teacher, Andrea Brinton made a pin wheel and as I carried some students in my car to the lower campus, she, driving the van ahead, held her work out the window to allow the wind to give it a good spin.

I wish there were Clear Spring Schools in every community and that all children (and teachers) could find so much fun in learning.

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