Monday, February 12, 2007

Metaphors express the depth of human experience in relation to the hands. When we talk about opinions, we frame our discussion using the words related to the eye. We say, "this is my view," and we know it is only a perspective. We say in examining someone else's opinion, "Oh, I see." But it doesn't mean we agree. When we talk about deeper things, core beliefs, we say, "these are the beliefs I hold." When we want a complete understanding, we may say, "I want to get a 'handle" on things." "These are the facts in hand." We say, "I want to get a grasp of the issues." If our lives are falling apart, we don't just go for a "look-see." We try to "get a grip on things."

You can see from the language the importance of the hands. While the eyes and their view may lead to cursory involvement, the true depth of involvement in learning and life arrives with the touch of the hands.

If there was a conspiracy to turn human beings toward incompetance and conformity, there would be no better tool toward that end than to still the human hands in idleness and the human heart to complaisance. Perhaps that is the true meaning of the old saying, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop."

At this point, I urge you to get a grip on things. Teach your hands a few tricks. Let them inform you of your power. You will find them in service to others, shaping the world and our beliefs toward greater purpose. Give your children the hands-on experience that will make their lives rich in competency and enthusiasm.

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