Friday, July 09, 2021

helpless and entangled

Yesterday I walked outside and found a bird flopping in the ground with its feet helplessly entangled in this thin plastic thread. 

One end was wrapped around the bird's feet and the other tangled in the grass so the bird had no way to take flight. 

I went into the house and got scissors. By grabbing the end tangled in the grass, I was able to pull the helpless bird close to my hand where I was able to snip the line free. The bird took off and I hope is OK despite his misadventure entangled in errant human technology. Some may recognize the plastic thread as coming from the gradual disintegration of a plastic tarp, of the kind that are sold in the millions. I've bought to many myself.

Just as the bird was helplessly entangled, so are we, to the plastics industry that offers convenience at an unreckoned price.

Yesterday, also, I had two telephone meetings with friendly folks at Linden Press. One conversation was about marketing the book to reach a  wide audience. The other was about coordinating the last of the editorial process. The publication date will be in February, 2022.

Make, fix and create...

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