Saturday, July 10, 2021

an apology

Last night a man driving a truck and pulling a 26 ft. long travel trailer came up our road, pulled up very close to the house and attempted to pull the blamed thing around our circle drive that's narrow even for cars. 

Rosie the dog was barking at the confusion, and I was incredulous. 

Earlier in the day I'd posted new signs warning that our road is private with limited opportunity to turn around. My putting up new signs was inspired by a slate of similar events like a few months ago when in the dark a couple men came up our road in a huge pickup truck and pulling a 24 ft. pontoon boat. The pickup and pontoon boat together were probably 50 ft. long. At least the folks with the pontoon boat showed enough judgement to avoid the circle drive coming so close to the house.

We live on a road that goes nowhere but to our home, and I am sorry that my incredulity brings anger to situations in which calm and humor might have been more useful.

I asked the man with the travel trailer to keep the thing off our grass and to avoid running over trees. The deep ruts his trailer left across our grass will heal. That he's gone makes it too late for my apology to have any effect. So my apology, I guess is to myself. I'll try to get used to the ridiculousness of other people's judgment and offer more humor and forgiveness. 

And yet, on our long gravel road, with trees and brush growing from both sides of our single lane road, one might think pulling a 26 ft. travel trailer past a half dozen no trespassing signs would not be such a good idea. Face with our road a reasonable person would turn around before things got worse.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Were those people directed there by a GPS?
    Next time ask the brand they use and send a word to the manufacturer.