Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Rosie Edition

I've published a new woodworking at home for kids newsletter featuring the woodworking of Rosie. https://mailchi.mp/83ee29cae77d/woodworking-at-home-with-the-the-students-from-the-clear-spring-school-rosie-edition I hope it is useful to you.

You can subscribe through the link above.

This afternoon I participated in a recording of  podcast for the Writer's Colony at Dairy Hollow. I'll let you know when that podcast is available for your listening pleasure.

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  1. With regards to the danger to tools - here's a paradox wrapped in a conundrum I've never been able to work out....
    We can run our hands over sandpaper, or diamond stones, or water stones, or whatever sharpening medium we use...yet, when we run a steel tool over the same medium it abrades the tool to razor sharpness....and once that tool is sharp and we apply it to our skin....it cuts our skin.....and round and round we go :)