Saturday, April 25, 2020

a small ash bench

I've been making a small amount of progress each day on a bathroom bench. It will be a place to sit as you get dressed, and is made of ash. Today I'll drill holes in the legs for the dowels that will attach the base to the top.

It has some subtle features. The stretcher that stabilizes the legs is tightened through the use of wedges that will be pounded in place from the top and underside and glued. The leg sections are tapered toward the top, to make it appear just a bit lighter, but without sacrificing width and stability at the base.

The top is shaped to feel more inviting.

The parts from which the angled legs were assembled were cut from a single 12 in. wide board, as was the top. The angled legs add just a bit more stability to the structure, as they are shaped to stand on their own, even when disconnected from the bench.

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