Thursday, April 23, 2020

developing heart...

You may have wondered about the difference between sapwood and heartwood. Sapwood carries nutrients and water between the roots and leaves, while the dense heartwood cells fill over time with solids that give the tree greater strength and decay resistance.

Sapwood is generally a lighter color, and is therefore thought less attractive by some. Others are intrigued by the contrast it offers in the design of work. In situations where decay is possible, like in building wooden boats or outdoor furniture, it should be avoided.

These days, many trees are purposely grown so fast for a profit that heartwood has too little time to fully form. This leads to wood of lesser quality than the woods of old.

Note in the illustration that there's springwood in which the tree grows quickly forming new rings, summerwood that's more dense, followed by winter in which little growth takes place.

With the pandemic and social distancing, it may seem we're stuck. Is this winter still? Or are we poised for fresh growth? We are in strange times, indeed. You'll note in the drawing that not all years of growth are the same. And yet, we can feel assured that growth is relentless. We will get through these times together.

Like the heartwood in the tree, we, too, take time to form and to have strength. These difficult days will build us, and make us strong. Be safe, Stay well. Take special care of each other.

Make, fix, and create. Assist others in learning lifewise.

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