Thursday, June 21, 2018

refreshing the efforts of mind

On Monday I begin a class at ESSA in box making. The  class is sold out with 9 students enrolled. One week from Saturday I begin a class in parent/child making of box guitars. There are still two openings in that class. You can call ESSA, 479-253-8754 to enroll.

Yesterday Trump signed an executive order ending his own policy of removing children from their parents and sending them into internment facilities. We've learned that some children have been drugged without parental permission to alleviate severe depression, anxiety and disruptive behavior likely caused by the circumstances of being removed from the protection of their parents.

Trump has announced no immediate plans to reunite parents and children. At this point they may not even have the means to do so. Children have been dispersed to facilities throughout the US while their parents have been deported.

Is that the kind of nation we are? And is Trump the kind of president we deserve to lead us? I am ready for one who sincerely cares about all human beings and takes steps to respect and preserve human rights.

This blog has an important mission, that of directing education toward the effectiveness and efficiencies of hands on learning. But forgive me, I have been distracted. I've been calling around to Senators and representatives and our own Arkansas governor, in the hopes that they will stand up to Trump.

They appear too frightened to do so. I long for the day in which each elected official sees clearly his or her role in helping us to get along with each other.

In times like these, having good hand work to do is therapeutic.  I've been cleaning the shop, putting away tools, gathering the needed tools for my classes and making necks for box guitars. It is important to have balance and work with the hands provides it. In fact, in the early days of manual arts training, it was known that the work with the hands would refresh and energize the efforts of the mind. Too few members of the "educated elite" will admit it.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning likewise.

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