Friday, June 29, 2018

Day 5 Box making.

I managed to go through another day of box making forgetting to take photos of student's work. We had about 15-20 folks there at ESSA for studio stroll and demonstrations, and the guests were so busy admiring my students' work that it was hard to pull them away to watch while I cut mitered finger joints as my demo.

This is our last day of box making class. My students and I seem to be equally tired at this point, and I've been unable to finish some of the boxes I had intended. Today I will take in my ever popular make-it-yourself router table to show. The illustration is from Fine Woodworking. Tomorrow I begin a parent child class making box guitars.

As we all know, we all learn best hands-on and through personalized instruction, and yet most schools are set up to ignore what we all know about learning. Why is that so? It's because governments and policy makers could care less. Their interest lies in management of kids and in keeping teachers cheaply in line to do so.

Make, fix and create...

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