Monday, June 11, 2018


This week the American Association of Woodturners is meeting in Portland, Oregon. I heard from one of the editors of their magazine that they want to run the tip I posted here yesterday on the blog, concerning a dust collection device you can make yourself. He and I will  communicate on the details later, after the big annual woodturning conference is over. I'm pleased that I am able to offer something useful to others.

My good friends Ed and Buz are in Portland and I know they will enjoy it.

Today I start my class making a Viking style chest in collaboration with master blacksmith, Bob Patrick. Bob and I are a lot alike in that we've been doing things long enough  to have whittled away most of what could be considered distracting and non-essential to the process.

We will have a total of 9 students for the 5 days, and I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

The box in the photo is made to hold library pockets, which are in turn made to hold 3 x 5 in. cards. Teachers at the Clear Spring School want this to be the first project when we start back to school at the end of summer. I made it as a demonstration on how to make a simple, useful, unlidded box. The library card pockets are a perfect fit.

Make, fix, create, and adjust education so that others learn lifewise.

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