Wednesday, January 03, 2018

skegs and tool holders

Today I go back to teaching at the Clear Spring School following our holiday break. The students will be excited to be back in school and in the wood shop, as will I.

At the Eureka Springs School of the arts yesterday I made skegs for our Bevins Skiff's from white oak. They are fitted and ready to screw in place when I have assistants ready to help. I've begun reviewing things like oars, oarlocks and such to make the boats useful. Joe Youcha recommends 7 ft. oars, so those are what we'll get.

I've also begun planning to get ESSA ready for summer classes. I've begun making tool holders to be hung on the wall at each bench. The board shown in the photo with holes for chisels, marking gauge and awl will be attached to another board that will also hold a combination square, and sliding T Bevel and will have a shelf for a block plane to rest. The goal is to have all the most needed bench tools in plain sight at each bench and where they can be put safely away at the end of class.

We have volunteer days planned in the ESSA wood shops for January 6 and 13. Join us for some fun. We will be putting up pegboard to display tools, and shelving in the storage room. In addition, we will assemble a new jointer and planer. The list is long.

Make, fix, and create. Encourage others to learn likewise.

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