Thursday, January 18, 2018

dust collection box

The photo shows the latest ESSA woodworking studio development project. The planers fill the existing dust collector too quickly, so I'm using plastic 55 gallon drums as a first stage of a triple stage collection system. The larger shavings fall out first.

The dust collection hoses from the two planers at left and right enter on opposite corners causing a circular airflow and allow the larger chips to fall from the air stream before it is extracted from the top.

Part of the challenge of this project involved the three sizes of connections required. The planer on the left has a 4 inch outlet port. The larger planer on the right requires a 5 in. hose. The existing dust collector uses a 6 in. connector hose to go to the box. There are shut off slides to shut off one planer or the other when not in use, but I expect it to handle both at the same time.

This is experimental. I will learn quickly whether it works as I hope.

To finish the system, I'll build a support frame to hold the box up while the barrels are wheeled out from underneath.  The section of stove pipe from the top of the box will connect with the existing two stage dust collector. The barrels will each have wheels added so they can be quickly replaced and wheeled out of the shop. The shavings will be used in campus landscaping projects.

My bag is packed for travel to Rochester, New York on Friday.

Make, fix, create and assist others in learning likewise.

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