Friday, January 12, 2018

Quarter knees and deck supports.

Yesterday I did some complex cutting on deck supports and quarter knees for the Bevins Skiffs.  Fitting the quarter knees requires cutting  them at angles to fit both the transom and the sides of the boat if they are to set level in place.

I first cut the quarter knees to shape and then used the band saw and fence to make the required angle cuts.  This requires tilting and locking the band saw table to the required angle, as determined by using the sliding T bevel to measure the shape inside the boats.

It is good to have tools capable of such work, and to have enough familiarity with those tools to be able to quickly put them to work.

Fitting the quarter knees is a quickly done task if you know how, and a quick way to make a mess of things if you do not. Just a few more hours of work and the boats will be ready for paint.

I received word today that the Chancellor at the U of Arkansas is very pleased with the boxes I made for him to give as gifts to international guests.

Make, fix, create and encourage others in their efforts to learn likewise.

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