Thursday, August 31, 2017


Today I am experimenting with Sam Maloof's formula for finishing boxes. I had used one particular brand of Danish oil for many years, but with it having been discontinued, I've been thrown back on my own resources. Either choose something else that's expensive, or make my own and have greater control.

Sam's formula is simple. One part polyurethane, one part mineral spirits, and one part boiled linseed oil. The second two parts are inexpensive, leading to a product that costs less than half what I would pay for a factory prepared finish.

The question remains. Will it give me what I want? It may take some further experiments to decide. The best things so far are are that the smell of the finish is tolerable and the environmental effects are manageable with adequate ventilation. It certainly brings figured walnut to life.

Today I prepare for classes on Friday, and meet with members of the North Eastern Wood Turning Association for a tour of the ESSA wood shop.

Make, fix, create, and increase the opportunity for others to learn likewise.