Saturday, August 05, 2017

bridges and nuts...

Photo by Danielle Atkins
I have been continuing to review my new book as a .pdf file, and am pleased with the photos taken to illustrate the beginnings of the chapters. The photo at left is for the chapter on making bridges and nuts, which are the parts that define string length and support the strings on their journey over the frets and down the neck. One of the things I found in my most recent read through was two paragraphs of "overflow text." That means there were more words than could be fit into the allocated space.

The options are two. Cut the text and leave the reader hanging, or find another place for it to fit. I found a nice empty place  in the chapter where a short sidebar will fit  right and where the content will be most useful to the reader.

Part of the challenge in any book is to make sure that necessary content is retained throughout the editorial process, and yet fitted into the design and page layout of the book. No book can provide everyone with all they need. How-to books come to life when you test what has been written in your own hands. This is no different than any other book you might read. Things have greater meaning when they are touched by your own experience.

Yesterday I made a new jig for cutting slots in boxes for barbed hinges to fit. The new jig fits on the drill press and you can see photos and a drawing in my blog or by going to my instagram account. Go to and search for douglasstowe.

Today I finalize my packing for my box making trip to Connecticut.

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood that others learn to love learning likewise.

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