Thursday, August 03, 2017

almost ready to print.

Last night I received a digital review copy of my box guitar book so I will be reading and making notes at various times most of the day.  I will read through looking for errors in the text and will check that photos are in sequence and that captions are properly placed. The project and detail photography by Danielle Atkins is superb and the guitars I made are made to look great.

I took all the step-by-step photographs in the book and wrote the text and captions. Then everything was turned over to my editor, and then the book designer. A good book is a team effort. Sitting at the computer, however, reading over and over again what I wrote several months ago, looking for errors is mind numbing, so to keep fresh, I'll journey back and forth to and from the woodshop.

In addition, I'll work on finishing the text for an article in Fine Woodworking about cutting finger joints on the table saw. With a few days of attention my wood shop is beginning to emerge from chaos.

Make, fix, create and insist that others be given the opportunity to love learning likewise

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