Sunday, August 27, 2017


Richard Bazeley, a retired shop teacher from Australia sent a link on the making of Mage-wappa, Japanese bentwood boxes that are used just as one would a lunchbox.

The video is corny at times. The craftsmanship is not. The history of Mage-wappa is told here:
and parallels that of Tiner, the Norwegian bentwood boxes that were originally made for the making of cheese. Mage-wappa and tiner were of humble origins, but as material craftsmanship has become scarce the products of craftsmanship in material form are are more noted and compelling.

Yesterday in the wood shop I began making sample boxes for an article in Fine Woodworking. I must have two boxes finished in advance just like the ones I'll make on camera while the editor is here on the 4th. What I will demonstrate has become easy for me. And that's the point. If I can make it easy for others, there's no telling where we might end up.

I offer sincere congratulations to my friend Dan Krotz who has made and sold his 500th table. He makes no claims of higher craftsmanship.  He has few tools. He works with the volition of the wood, meaning that he and the materials act in harmony and relationship to each other.

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood that others learn likewise.

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