Monday, February 13, 2017

boxes and box making

Every now and then I need to alert my readers to my other blogs and additional website. is simply about life. is a site dedicated to making boxes. It has valuable tips and resources and is now connected to my blog, 

Use the comments section of the blog or email to ask questions about box making, and you'll get answered in the blog. If you have a question about woodworking in general, I can help there, too.

On Saturday I finished vacuum veneering top panels for boxes, and making trim strips from multi-colored veneers to use as borders around the panels as they are glued into recesses cut in the box sides.

For our local Community Center, I am using sketchup to design a reception desk. And today my middle school students and I will finish the fences and install the gate for the school garden.

It is always a pleasure to have boxes in the works. One will serve as a test box for using the Infinity Dovetail Spline jig. Others will be given as wedding gifts, or sold on Etsy or one of the small galleries that sell my work. At this point, I've been typecast. Boxes are what I'm best known for, I find pleasure in making them, so carry on with it.

Make, fix, and create. Then prove and promote the value of learning likewise.

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